Frankie goes to San Remo

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Frankie goes to San Remo

by Cristina Crisci



We’ve seen him presenting ‘Street Art’ on Sky Arte, and from 18 to 22 February he’ll be at the Sanremo music festival, finishing the end of the month with the release of his much anticipated album, which he reckons is more melodic and rather good.


Fabio Fazio’s surprise announcement of Frankie Hi-Nrg Mc’s entry at Sanremo, was accompanied by his description of the rapper as a master of hip hop and of his lyrics as like literary engineering”.

Frankie, 44, aka Francesco di Gesù, grew up in Città di Castello, will be participating with his songs “Pedala” and “Un uomo e viva”. It won’t be the first time he’s been to the festival – in 2008 he participated with “Rivoluzione” from his album “DePrimo Maggio” and in 2010 he was a co-writer on the song “Meno male” sung by Simone Cristicchi.

«I go as an independent for my record label ‘Materie Prime Circolari’» as he said on Twitter. He’s seen as a ‘maestro’ within the Italian hip hop culture, and on his TV programme ‘Street Art’ he heads for the main underground music scenes -not to be found in your usual places but rather in more hidden, subtle, urban hideaways.


It’s a great piece of television – that thanks to its style, documents the growing, radical hip hop phenomenon.

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