From world to world, editorial by Cristina Crisci

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Good-bye forever, or maybe just good-bye is enough. The decision is one: leave, then we will see.

Editorial by Cristina Crisci

Worst case, we will go back home. Instead no. Every year the number of people who leave to go abroad is growing. The reason? Italy is a country in crisis which does not offer jobs but the desire as well to run towards a place where the word meritocracy has a meaning, where the leadership is a better managing class, talent an opportunity and bureaucracy is not a perverted mechanism.

Our cover designed by Andrea Lensi (Andypopshop who we thank for his ever-precious collaboration), represents exactly this: people who dive in the middle of a world which is never just one, but many. The worlds are many and they are for all. In this number of The Mag which marks spring, exactly at daylight savings time, we tell some stories of Italians who, for some time have lived and worked abroad.

Paris, Vienna, Sydney, Brisbane, Den Haag, Hong Kong, New York, Brussels, Berlin, Ulm: «Here there is the possibility of letting talent emerge», those who are around the world say. Twelve stories, one small, perhaps very small representative, who play their game, who have answers to our questions, opening the windows to their lives elsewhere. In an elsewhere where there are strange mechanisms, even if one misses family, friends from forever, the dearest affections, even neighbors and pasta. There are those who would return immediately to Italy and those who instead would never think to, because «the opportunities which I have had I can’t even dream of in the Bel paese!».

To each of them we sent the same five questions, the answers were as different as their life experiences. Except one. To the question ‘what do you miss about Italy’ many said this: «the warmth of the people, the smiling, being Italian». Then yes, if it is true that living in a place has to do with reality then it is worth feeding diversity and continuing to bring the talent of being Italian in every elsewhere, in the world.

Good luck!

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