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Curiosity has been the driving force in our wanderings for this edition of The Mag. First stop is gambling, (including the pros and cons), then pausing a while in the varied terrain of art, and, now that it’s Summer, winding up in a meadow listening to live music.

Our point of departure, from our cover star, is an interview with Rocco Siffredi, who really needs no introduction as practically everyone has heard of him.

On his way through Città di Castello he talks about himself and his life. Italian icon of international porn, (with 1,500 films under his belt), Rocco is someone who doesn’t mind the occasional foray into television, but who puts his wife and children before everything. He’s a real character and, with great curiosity on our part, we tell his story.

From adult play to other games, we look at those that can cause problems. We meet Nadia Toffa who has investigated the world of gambling – it was decidedly unsettling. Then another iconic man wanders into the pages of The Mag, perhaps unknown to most people, but who’s making his way amongst rock music lovers; the Indian tycoon Yashwant Bajaj, financial agent in Singapore and creator of an Umbrian Festival everyone’s talking about. I interviewed him on the phone… in English… I was shaking… he was very kind!

Moving on to music with John Densmore (of The Doors) and Umbria Jazz, and on to art where we have an interview with The Honourable Walter Verini who tells us how and why a law for the centenary of Burri got passed.

Franco Barrese guides us in his creations and we talk to Gabriella Zanchi, now in French theatre in ‘Beauty and the Beast’.

We play host to a design by Lorenzo Locchi Rao, and finally, for sporting fans, we celebrate Andrea Radici. Happy reading!

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