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Three years ago, a family of four (husband, wife and two daughters), decided to swop their small apartment for a much more spacious one. This allowed them to give free rein to their desire for space and comfort. Convenience and ease of management were the basis for their choice of home.

The living area is very spacious and bright, thanks to a large window overlooking a lovely park and the sophisticated play of light on the ceiling. The protagonists here are the big Flexoform sofa and the walls lined with very elegant two-tone white and wood Misuraemme shelving. As in the rest of the apartment,  the design of the kitchen lighting is planned in detail. In this room the design’s simple lines are delightfully juxtaposed with the solidity of the wooden cupboard doors, which are 100% recyclable walnut with aluminum frames. Both the surfaces and the cupboards are practical and roomy, and the island serves as both a work surface or table for breakfast or snacks. The stools framing the island are perfectly suited to the context.

A studied play of counter ceilings and spot lighting enhances and illuminates the rooms throughout the apartment.

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