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It is May 2011. Giacomo Sintini, Jack for everyone in the volleyball world, he is thirty-two years old, a beautiful wife, Alessia, and a daughter who is just a little more than two years old, named Carolina. Jack is a champion in his sport, he has won championships, cups, and European championships, he has just signed a contract with an important Polish team: he wants to go to the Olympics in London in 2012 with Italy.

by Stefano Signorelli

But Jack, for the last few weeks, is not well, he has a persistent pain under his right shoulder blade. Check-up after check-up, then, the first of June 2011, the verdict: a tumor in the lymphatic system. Giacomo’s world caves in, literally. But he is a sportsman, determined, courageous. First of all, he puts all of his trust in the doctors who are treating him, especially in Professor Brunangelo Falini, the head physician of hematology at the general hospital of Perugia: «For me it was fundamental to listen to what my doctors told me and to be disciplined in following their indications. It was the only thing to do, the best of my possibilities. Discipline is what makes the difference».

Then the cycles of chemotherapy, incredibly heavy, the auto-transplant, and then the healing and the fitness check in order to go back to playing volleyball, his life. «It is a marvelous sport – affirms Giacomo – of great technical, physical, human value, it has the values of a team sport because you depend on the performance of the others. Sport in general is a road that helps us stay with others».

And so,  after the sickness, Giacomo returns to the court, wins a badge as the protagonist and from that moment his life again changes radically: «When I won the championship I felt this feeling of gratefulness, because I have had this second chance. And then I founded the Giacomo Sintini Association which collects funds for research against leukemia, lymphoma, and myeloma; as well he tries to give equipment to the hospital and Christmas gifts to the children who are inpatients. We try to give a little bit of the good we have received to those who are worse off than we are. I, when I was sick, I found those who held out a hand to me».

He tells all this in such a natural and real way, in the splendid backdrop of Palazzo Vitelli in Città di Castello during an evening organized by the Rotary Club, where he presented his book Forza e coraggio in which he tells the story of his illness and of his healing. His words transmit positivity: «I learned three things from this experience of mine: the first is that we are much stronger than what we believe ourselves to be, we have resources that we don’t believe that we have; the second is that we are much stronger if we fight for someone we care about than if we do it for ourselves: I would not be here to tell you my story if I had not fought against this sickness for Alessia, Carolina, my parents and all my relatives and friends; the third is that from every experience, even the most terrible can make new opportunities come about».

New like his job as a trainer for Randstad, the biggest company in the world for the resource management of personel; or unexpected, like the affection that he receives from people that he meets all around Italy: «This participation makes us happy, we did not expect it but it is wonderful to share with many people what we have gone through, because it can be of help for those who suffer».


Who is Giacomo Sintini

Giacomo Sintini was born in Lugo di Romagna, near Ravenna, January 16th 1979. He plays volleyball, in the role of setter, from the age of fourteen. Raised in the group of Messaggero Ravenna he began in the A1 series a little more than major In the course of his career he participated in 13 consecutive championships in the most Italian leagues and in numerous manifestations with the national jersey, winning the European 2005 in Rome, besides European championships and youth world championships trained by the Tifernum Fausto Polidori. The highest point he reached was in the 2005-2006 season when he won the European Championship and the Championship in just a few months. He is married to Alessia, who met in Perugia where they still live together with their daughter Carolina, born in 2008. At the end of the season 2010-2011 he was diagnosed with a tumor in his lymphatic system, which forced him to abandon his competitive activity. After just one year the sickness was overcome, and May 8th, 2012 he gained the certificate of wellness to play competitive sport. May 12th, 2013 just one year after gaining his ability to play sports again, he was protagonist and MVP of the Championship Final won with the jersey of Trentino Volley. After having overcome the experience against cancer, he began an association which bears his name, the Associazione Giacomo Sintini, which has as its objective to raise funds for research on leukemia and lymphoma and for the assistance in the field of onco hematology. He published his first book, entitled Forza e Coraggio

For info and donations: Associazione Giacomo Sintini – Via Pedini 24, 06132, Castel del Piano (PG), Italia

Email: HYPERLINK “mailto:associazionegs@gmail.com”associazionegs@gmail.com –  HYPERLINK “mailto:jack@associazionegiacomosintini.it”jack@associazionegiacomosintini.it

HYPERLINK “mailto:stampa@associazionegiacomosintini.it”stampa@associazionegiacomosintini.it

Tel: +39 3427689719

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