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At the Illuminati Theatre in Città di Castello, in exclusive for Umbria, a historic interpretation by Giuliana De Sio in «Notturno di donna con ospiti», a cult text by Annibale Ruccello. On stage with De Sio, Gino Curcione, Rosaria De Cicco, Andrea De Venuti, Francesco di Leva, Luigi Iacuzio, for the direction of Enrico Maria Lamanna.

By Massimo Zangarelli

Mrs. De Sio, this job is becoming a classic, in particular «your» classic seeing that you brought it on stage twenty years ago and then again a few years ago with the same success…
«Indeed: we are on the 850th performance…».

Yet that increases the sadness for the premature loss of an author which is Annibale Ruccelllo.
«Certainly, also because he could not experience the revaluation of his work; the fact remains that with this success he gets full acknowledgement of his caliber as author».

In your enviable gallery of female characters (from «Una donna» on Sibilla Aleramo on TV to «Speriamo che sia femmina» at the cinema), this woman, who becomes a killer, is entitled to enter as well, because she is first a victim, right?
«It is a kind of thriller where there was not a real motive for the homicide, but interior motivations in the unconscious of the protagonist and at the end of the event – where it is revealed to be just a dream – she finds herself covered in blood because she had truly killed him… She, victim of physical and psychological oppression, subjugated by a series of domestic violence. Even if it was a tragedy, this piece entertains the public with delicious dialogs and thanks to fantastic actors …to a first comic act followed by a second dramatic act».

We have just celebrated women’s anti-violence day, however despite manifestations and initiatives, homicides of women continue to happen one after another at an astounding rate…
«Personally, for what I can do and have always done, I continue my battle which must be against every kind of violence: on women, on children, on elderly, on animals… but it is the masculine culture that needs to be reviewed and already in primary school children should be educated about the gender equality. The problem is not that of the emancipation of women, as people were saying at the time of feminine activists, but the emancipation of man».

You have worked among other with two greats, Marcello Mastroianni and Massimo Troisi. What memory do you have of them?
«Of the generation of great Italians of the big screen I lived the “tail”, I would go to the Mastroianni house and he was particularly happy that I became a good friend of his daughter Barbara and with whom I still get together, then with his wife Flora I would go on holiday, I was practically one of the family. With Troisi, never an ordinary person, I had a relationship of great esteem, he was a declared fan of mine to the point in which, after ‘Medea di Porta Medina’ he wanted me at all costs on his film even if I, who was losing my partner, had told him that I would have had problems filming in that state of psychological prostration… he was generous, he didn’t want to call anyone else in my place, he waited for me in my darkest days and he was close to me with sensitivity in such a particular moment of my life».

Your next projects?
«Two TV stories,‘Il bello delle donne 10 anni dopo’ (The beauty of women 10 years later) and ‘Amore mio pensaci tu’, (My love, you deal with it) in an Australian format where I play a very funny character in an absolutely abnormal family».

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