Good eating habits in the summer

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Good eating habits in the summer

by Erica Bigotti

The hot weather affects our eating habits, the metabolism slows down and our desires and tastes change. We have to be diligent in order to stay in shape.

The ideal meal should be half vegetables (better if raw so that we can eliminate excessive liquids) and half a balanced mixture of proteins (better if fish and beans) and whole wheat cereals like pasta, rice, bread, barley and spelt. Well colored fruit, like melons, apricots, peaches, cherries, strawberries and pineapple, is the perfect snack as it reinforces our skin under the sun’s exposure.

Drinking water is very important, not only for nurturing our bodies which lose moisture when sweating, but also to fill us and diminish our sense of hunger. To drink plenty and eat less is a good combination. Even though reducing the quantity of food is key, it is not singularly about that! How we prepare our food is important since many micro-nutrients essential in the summer can be destroyed by too much cooking heat.

Better raw than cooked if we want to keep the vitamins and minerals otherwise lost. It is also important to ration portion sizes throughout the day: breakfast should be a big meal, lunch a smaller one and dinner should be light. Healthy snacks in the morning and afternoon are recommended. In order to eat well and feel healthy we must pay close attention to our food choices, the sauces and seasonings, and how we prepare/cook our meals.

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