Grandmother Cicia’s rabbit

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Grandmother Cicia’s rabbit

by Paola Serafini


A big rabbit, one egg, one glass of white wine, 400 gr ascolane olives, one or two thick slices of pig bacon or prosciutto lard onion, rosmary, fresh garlic or one garlic clove, parsley, salt and pepper.


Remove the two sides of rabbit bacon and prepare two small rolls filling them with salt, rosmary, garlic and parsley. Closed with a toothpic they will be the best bites! Cut the rabbit in small pieces (without breaking its bones) and marinate it in the beaten egg.

In a large pan, fry the chopped onion with two or three spoons of olive oil, the pig bacon or the prosciutto lard made into a roll, some rosmary, the garlic (fresh or as a clove) and some parsley.

Add the pieces of rabbit and fry them for about 20 minutes until golden, pouring white wine if necessary. Cover the pan and continue cooking for about 45 minutes, in order to cook the meat at the core. Avoid for the pieces to stick to the pan by adding wine. Half the way through the cooking add the olives and the rest of the beaten egg. Remove the pig bacon and serve hot with some black pepper.

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