Heart and Dust

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«If the rose wilts in the garden, then it is the fault of love which is still sleeping» sings Vinicio Capossela in the words of his latest work «Canzoni della Cupa», where with all the enchantments of the situation, stories of earth and sky are intertwined.

In the middle, on the imaginary line which separates grains from the sun, women and saints float, earthly and heavenly collisions that expand in farming seasons because, as the same author says, «we need to sow, to make things grow and then harvest».

I won’t tell you how much I like this thing here which has been moving our world for ages. The cover of number 24 of the Mag is a homage to one of the best talents of contemporary Italian music, an artist who among other things is very tied to Umbria, where he goes every summer and where, this year as well, he has brought his wave of folklore mixed with tradition. Heart and dust, precisely.

Even in the words of Rokia Traorè, African singer and multi- instrumentalist, there is so much heart in the telling, in an interview, his way of interpreting liberty with the universal message of music. Flowers of this earth, instead, are the two Misses, Sofia and Arianna, who we have photographed together, in their natural beauty.

Then again, we touch on art with Burri and the great event going on at the “Ex Seccatoi del Tabacco” museum; The Comics Show and the esoteric traces on the path of Hugo Pratt and his Corto Maltese in Venice; the fantasy, with its recipe by Francesco Fantini. The Arcieri Tifernum (archers) move between earth and sky, which we tell in our stories about sports and of whom, symbolically, we emulate the achievement, launching our arrow into the coming season.

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