Andrea Luccioli mentre sorride
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I see my first editorial a little like this.
A semi dark room.
Many chairs around my chair.
Every place is taken.
The light is on me.
And I say, “Hi, I’m Andrea”.
And you all “Hi Andrea”.

This to say that from today on I will feel a little more observed than usual, that I will tell of myself and I will tell stories, of people and much more. In other words, we will read each other often. Because from this number on, yours truly, on my tiptoes (not too much tho!) I take the baton for the direction of The Mag.

And I take it from the hands of an immensely great director who, luckily for you and me, will not be leaving but will keep on working together with the magazine. Yes, Cristina Crisci will say goodbye, even though she will remain with us in her own way.

As it rightly should be. First of all, because she knows The Mag like the back of her hands and the new Andrea needs to have some guidance and also because in these years she has put her heart into it. What can I say? I say thank you, both to her and to the guys at The Mag who have wanted me here, together with them.

I am sure that we will have fun and we will always try to give you something good and interesting. We already have in mind some new things for the next numbers, starting with some graphic restyling which we are studying. But I don’t want to give too much away.

Also, because there is a rich issue to leaf thru. Pardon, to taste. Tell that to the curly-haired guy on the cover, that Alessandro Borghese who, in these weeks came to Umbria with his television program “4 Ristoranti” looking for locations and typical dishes. We interviewed him and we discovered that besides being a chef, loving umbricelli pasta and having a restaurant, he is tech-savvy, able to manage thousands of followers on his online profiles.

Then there is a special family album, which many in Citta di Castello will recognize. Or maybe they will begin to know thanks to our map. Staying among things at home, in this number you will find an enjoyable preview on the Piazza Burri project.

Then there is the summer that is coming. Ours has red hair and a light blue dress, running towards the sea and then disappearing in a field between the wind and the blades of grass. Thanks to Giorgia Fanelli’s vision and photos.

Since we are on topic, then why not speak of Marianna Santoni? What do you mean, who is she? They call her Miss Photoshop. She is the queen of digital imaging. Adobe Guru and much more. Ah, and most of all, she is an exceptional person, positive and full of energy.

Just like The Mag!

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