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by Cristina Crisci

We put in a lot for this issue, and often enjoyed moments of sharing ideas, tastes, words, and evenings out. The route we went down was to try to recount people’s life experiences, with a subtle underlying thread from the world of fashion. We don’t necessarily mean the “what am I going to wear tomorrow morning?” type of fashion.

For example, the cover story, tells of a woman who started off as a model, then found herself on TV, went on to write a book and then came to live in Umbria because she loves walking on the grass barefoot…Filppa Lagerbäck, to whom we would like to thank for allowing us to share her thoughts.

People come and people go…like Vasco, who left many years ago for London where he opened a very cool restaurant. The Venice film festival is also ‘fashionable’, and an alternative point of view is given in our article. Music is, as always and even more so, very fashionable. We take a look at Arcade Fire’s genre, and had a chat with the lead singer of Teatro degli Orrori, Capovilla.

We also draw attention to the fact that, for a few days, Citta di Castello simultaneously held both the Andy Warhol and Andrea Pazienza exhibitions. A unique happening, rather than a rare one. Warhol had endless events dedicated to him whereas, the Amici del Fumetto elegantly remembered Paz’s younger years with 200 of his artworks.

Two fashion spreads, one dedicated to fashion week, advice on how to stay in shape after the Summer’s indulgence, ideas on how to keep children entertained, new recipes and so on and so forth. Finally, I must say thank you to those, (and there are many of them), who help give us strength with our ‘little big’ journey in so many different ways.

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