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When I arrived in June 2013, The Mag had just been born. I didn’t know what I would have done and what direction we would have taken: it was about a new challenge for everyone.

From that day we published more than 30 numbers. After 5 years I can say that it has been an important experience: fun moments, others difficult. I’ve met hundreds and hundreds of people, told interesting stories, thanks to the vocation of this magazine: give value to the beautiful, the artistic experiences and the talents, held together with a thin, invisible line, number after number.

This has been possible thanks to the contribution of all the editorial staff, composed of, in time, people committed to work, talents, tastes and different passions, which at a certain point, when debating whether to close the magazine, converge in something that before was not and now is.

I am closing my last number of The Mag, and behind the scenes, there is, as always, a swarm of enthusiasm and little hysterias, hidden nervousness and deadlines minutes away, emails to share, titles to correct, repetitions, photographic credits, post-its that live on the keyboard- and at night they curl up as if they are laughing about the things that I forget- typos that come up and then I fix them with my pencil, with the bedside lamp on. And again: the stories that you bring home, the satisfactions, the errors that you think about when its late.

The interviews, yes, of interviews we have done fun ones. I remember one historic one with Manuel Agnelli (and his voice almost mysterious which came from the other side of the telephone); one other one on a Sunday with Monica Bellucci, met at Castello di Sorci a little bit by chance in an operation of refined intelligence; one Wednesday instead I interviewed in English -not without difficulty- an elusive and very rich financier of rock concerts. One day however, at the Montesca Park in Citta di Castello we met Salvatore Sciarrino – his innate elegance, the music sheets that flew, moved by the wind and the pictures by Emanuele. Then the Italians who live abroad; the ones who work around the world and who always respond to our interviews: “About Italy? We miss the warmth of the people, not the bureaucracy”.

Questions, life, answers, meetings.

Tomorrow we are bringing little pastries to the office to lessen the tension.

The dilemma of the cover, the dilemma of the color of the logo on the cover, the dilemma of the title on the cover, another draft, no, yes, ok we are there.

Burri, the museums, the artists that walk slowly, the hands behind the back, the aura of the myth; Janis Kounellis, her simplicity that is no longer there and the time that was taken for that interview that we would have wanted to do at her house; the designers, the ink and the pencil, the models, how beautiful the girls who have their dreams locked in a drawer: open them there is room for everyone.

The Mag was also this for me.

I am leaving as director, from this number I’m passing the baton to Andrea who has for some time collaborated with us and who will know how to do an excellent job, I am sure. I will continue to be part of The Mag family together with some projects that we have begun. It has not been an easy decision, just as it is not every time that one carries out a thought, a project, first only thought then supported and sometimes even defended.

I peruse the covers. If I look at them together they make a collage of pastel colors, I even like the ones in black and white. There are parts of me in every part of these pages, I find myself here and there in the choices of pictures, celebrities, title positions, take out that summary that I don’t like…and all those who have helped me come to mind, number after number, to reach a balance,

In the common certainty that beautiful things still have meaning.

Thanks to every one of you!

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