Kate Tempest – EATING CHAOS

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Let them eat caos: it is a disc, it is a poem, a poem to read out loud, as the author asks at the beginning of the book.

Kate Tempest and her band have brought their work around all over the world, including the triumphal concerts at the latest Glastonbury festival and the Primavera Sound in Barcelona. And yet it all started with Civitella Ranieri, from our area, much earlier than Glastonbury and Barcellona: it is there that in 2015, Kate Tempest – poetess, playwright, writer, performer, rapper, girl- created Let them eat chaos, then published both in album form with the band, as well as in book form, almost as if the book were the booklet for the work of the album.

And now, little more than two years later, it is right in the Tiber River Valley that she says she will close the circle. Before beginning her usual and complete performance of the poem on the stage at the Theatre of the Illuminati in Città di Castello (an event born through a collaboration between Civitella Ranieri Foundation, CaLibro Festival and Libreria Paci-La Tifernate), Kate Tempest had in fact announced that it would be the last time she would do it. And what a last time.

From the moment in which the girl from London suburbs rang out the opening words in front of the public which crowded the stage and the audience of the theater (Picture a vacuum / An endless and unmoving blackness…) a climate of curious attention and of solemn imposition filled the air. The density of the interpretation of Kate Tempest -who passed without interruption from reciting to the tone of the spoken word to get to the rhythm of rap and back- was so to nail the attention  even of those who could not catch all that her strict English with an East London accent would allow us to understand with our amatorial English.

The performance lasted about forty minutes long, leaving all of us with the impression of a unique event: unique for its foreign virtuosity, marvelously strange and happily estranging. And all of this until that final supplication, repeated many times: Pleading with my loved ones to / wake up / and love more.

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