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It’s with marked enthusiasm that we publish this issue of ‘ the Mag ’. We’ve worked hard to put together a thread of characters and stories that allow us to end the year with a flourish. I swear I’m not exaggerating!

The cover is a tribute to a woman who needs no introduction – Monica Bellucci. During her short stay in Città di Castello a few weeks ago, she was willing to answer our questions about her film with Kusturica, her daughters, and even about Burri. For those who prefer different genres we cover a lot of other issues. There’s an interview with Manuel Agnelli, frontman of Afterhours, as well as one with actor Alessio Boni.

Alessandra Chieli tells us about her latest projects, Paolo Benvegnù about his album,  and Andy from Bluvertigo makes an artistic incursion between the covers.  In our column «La China e la Matita» we have a very interesting guest, Nero Cavargini with a great contribution!

I’d like to say a special thank you to the colleagues who work with us, but also to the guys who write and who, in recent months, have grappled with articles – with excellent results  Finally, I want to mention a recent innovation.

Starting from this month ‘ the Mag ’ will land at Perugia airport with two fixed exhibitors available to passengers. It’s a way of showcasing the talents and examples of excellence and the thoughts of the people we have met, those we’ve yet to meet and those who believe in this small but brave project.

Enjoy it!

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