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Sofia and Andrea have lived in their house for two months, they wanted to stay together in a place that was half way between both their parents. So they chose an apartment in the hills of Perugia, where, looking out the window, you can see Assisi.

Article by Lucia Fiorucci - Interiors Meozzi Mobili

They bought an empty apartment, to fill with their ideas and their love, accompanied every step by furnishing professionals. The whole house, is indeed an interlacing of vivid and neutral colors.

The vivid colours represent Andrea, who is a dynamic and brilliant guy who never likes to stay still. The neutral colors instead mirror Sofia’s calm and contemplative character perfectly.

The living area is not very large, but bright and certainly well organized, so as to have even found space for a wine fridge, which unites both their passion for wine.

And it is not by chance, that the barstools are in the shape of a cork. Here the super-colored kitchen, pulls together the materiality of the wood to the laquered cabinets.

The Freemood by Desiree sofa, so very comfortable, frames the amusing “Monsieur Didot” wallpaper by Wall&Deco.

For the bedrooms with walk-in wardrobe, they chose a soft bed in a white smoke colour and suspended bedside table by Lago in colored glass. Their choice of bedside lamp was interesting, realised by a cylindrical lamp suspended above the bedside table.


The use of colour in the apartment reflects how Sofia and Andrea are together. So different, however they manage to find the right harmony in their relationship as a couple just as they were able to give balance to the composition of the furnishings.

As a matter of fact, in the kitchen, we find that with the browns and the blacks, three colours converse together: cadmium yellow, jade green and cerulean blue. In the bedroom, instead, the bedside tables in Lago glass are one in green apple and the other very pale pink.

You have to guess whose is which…!

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