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One of the universes where the passage of time creates an imbalance in the cosmic void is definitely the musical one. Right now in this respect this has hit hard. No, I am not just referring to the passing of one of the greatest, tormented rock star, poets, Lou Reed, for whom there is not an encyclopaedia big enough to pay worthy homage to. The memory of the greatest artists is perhaps the best way to deliver him into immortality.

The years, with the relentless tic toc of time, also created something more subtle, it is not easy to see one’s myths die. Perhaps it is even more difficult to accept or not believe that they have reached a “critical” musical point. They are still producing some delicate music, but you can sense that their magical touch does not excite you as it once did. For example I refer to Pearl Jam with their latest album “Lightning Bolt”.

Talking not as a fan who will always love them, it is difficult to consider their work more that just a good album. Pleasant sounds, instrumentals and perfect vocals but it lacks the blood of sacrifice that is spilt on the altar of the God of Rock. The music is easy listening but without any real passion, so unfortunately it leaves the purists with empty hearts.

Ed Vedder recalled that “albums, for the artist are like a couple’s children, were the parents are always the same but the children are different. You can put in all your parenting skills and the maximum effort but once you put them out into the world, you can only hope for the best”; a situation that is well known. But then I wonder how did David Bowie return with a flawless album, “The Next Day”.

One of those albums that once heard deserves to be repeatedly listened to? Questions that remain unanswered. For those hard-core fans, as well as those seeking the nostalgic sounds of hard rock, grunge or punk, listen to the young Canadian band, Metz and their self-titled first album. However,  especially when you see them live (they are fantastic), I assure you that you will not be disappointed.

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