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Under the sky of this beginning of autumn which, in our parts is tinged with blue, we look beyond the confines of time and distance to discover and rediscover Nuvolo, artist from Città di Castello.

He died in 2008, leaving a very rich archive of works, realized with a style of pure avant-guard which has nothing to envy of the best present-day experimenters. Twenty some of his works are exhibited in New York until January, in the Di Donna Gallery – founded by Emanuel di Donna, ex vice-president Impressionist and Modern Art International at Sotheby’s – near paintings of other great artists of his time, among whom there is also Alberto Burri. It is the curious case of Nuvolo, an inherited name in the partisan years when he would appear and disappear in the hills fleeting as liberty.

Now for example he reappears beyond the geographical distances in the space that art draws here and elsewhere. A little Umbrian pride, maybe a rising star, certainly a story that shines, in the general darkening of many things. In this number of The Mag, 30, we gather the umpteenth wake of light and we follow it there where it becomes Diagram, or Genesis until Kaleidoscope which have opened, before their time, a view of the virtual world and the use of computers, charting a zone of unique poetic sensibility. Together with the story of Nuvolo, we then tell about Mostra del Fumetto in which Città di Castello is redesigned with Batman in these days; the colored geometric shapes of Fabio Mariacci who opened the doors of his studio to us; the Festival delle Nazioni which clothed the summer in music; but also, the unknown meeting under the sun of the province of Monica the Miss Umbria and Massimo the model. Among those who never give up, there is Valeria Ciangottini, an actress who was special to Fellini and who has now won an international cinematic award and from Assisi, Niccolò Fabi who came for the River Rock Festival, in a concert hanging between music and poetry, reminding us that «…for everything, there is a place, the one of amazement is just a little more hidden».   

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