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Lucia Rossi - the Mag
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It was a bitterly cold day when we met Lucia Rossi at Villa Magherini Graziani, with the idea of photographing her in one of the most beautiful places near where she was born.

lucia rossi - the mag

lucia rossi - the mag

lucia rossi - the mag

lucia rossi - the mag

lucia rossi - the mag

From Lama San Giustino where she grew up and where her family still lives, Lucia moved to Rome. She’s acted on TV, (where we’ve seen her in various productions including ‘Ris Roma’ as Bianca), doesn’t mind doing theatre and is becoming better known in the film world. Most recently she was cast in ‘Tre Tocchi’, directed by Marco Risi. Between photos we chatted about her hopes and where she’ll go from here.

by Cristina Crisci / ph: Emanuele Vanni


You went from Umbria to Rome in order to pursue your dream. Have you realized it now?
Lucia Rossi: «To follow your dream you have to live it, otherwise there’d be no point in dreaming! Let’s say that when I moved to Rome I already had a pretty good idea of what I wanted, and felt the capital would be the city where I could reach for this dream and start down a certain path – and to learn more about myself through acting».

Was it a difficult choice to make?
Lucia Rossi: «Not at all! I just felt the need to get out and build something that would make me feel good. I have to thank my family for never having hindered me; on the contrary, they always encouraged me which was liberating. Then I studied a lot – actors don’t just improvise! At present it’s all based in Rome and Italy, but situations are opening up abroad and it’s worth continuing to dream».

Let’s talk about your work. The public know you from the role of Bianca Proietti in the series ‘Ris Roma delitti imperfetti’ on Canale 5. How much has playing this character given you?
Lucia Rossi: «It’s the power of television; as it creates you so it can destroy you if you’re not mentally strong. I was very lucky; it’s not easy to get out of a small country village and ‘impose’ yourself in such a difficult environment. ‘Ris’ is a particularly popular series, and has made me well-known. Everyone recognizes me but they call me Bianca, more often than Lucia. I remember the first time a girl stopped me to take a photo, I was more embarrassed than she was».

In one of the episodes Monica Bellucci had a cameo role where you meet. But you and Monica have actually known each other for quite a while I believe?
Lucia Rossi: «Yes, Monica and I know each other! We come from the same area, and she’s seen me grow up. We get in touch every now and then, and when she’s a bit freer we meet up. She’s an important person in my life. When I need advice I know who to call».

Will we see you again on Tv?
Lucia Rossi: «Yes, very soon. I don’t know the exact date, but ‘Squadra mobile’ is coming out roughly between February and March. It’s a new series by Taodue for Canale 5, and is about femicide. I play a stalking victim, but at the moment I can’t say more than this. What I can say is that my character is based on a real person».

You went from TV to the theatre in ‘Le dissolute assolte’, but you’re not new to the stage are you?
Lucia Rossi: «I love the theatre; it gives me something I don’t get from cinema. I was on stage for two months with ‘Le dissolute assolte’, and ‘Le donne di Don Giovanni’, which was very successful. The show, (written and directed by Luca Gaeta), has become like a drug for me; for example, in May, I spent all day and every evening in the theatre. I didn’t even know how I managaed».

Will you do more theatre in the future?
Lucia Rossi: «I’m getting ready for another show with Gian Marco Tognazzi and an international cast, which we’ll take abroad as well. I’m really excited».

Moving onto the cinema, is it true that there’s been a new development for you?
Lucia Rossi: «I’ve had experience in independent films at the cinema and then came Vanzina, Pupi Avati and Marco Risi. I hope one day the list of names will get longer. At the moment I’d rather not say… I don’t want to hex it… but I’m crossing my fingers».

If you had a choice, which director would you like to work with?
Lucia Rossi: «The list is long. Among the Italian directors it would be Tornatore, Crialese, Garrone and many others. If I had to dream big, I have a weakness for Woody Allen, Tarantino, Scorsese and AlmodÓvar among the non-Italian directors . But I would like to say that my absolute favourite director is Pasolini».

Do you watch a lot of films? What’s your favourite?
Lucia Rossi: «I spend a lot of time at the cinema. I go two or three times a week. I like seeing films on the big screen! It creates a special atmosphere and when I’m there I always think of Alfredo in ‘Cinema Paradiso’. He made me fall in love with cinema! But there are many other films I especially love, like ‘8 1/2’ by Fellini or Pasolini’s ‘Mamma Roma’».

Do you still dance?
Lucia Rossi: «It was my first and greatest love. It’s thanks to dance that I decided to take this path. I’m always dancing. If I can I go in the morning, or at night, and if there are important projects I take part. Dance frees me from the everyday pressures in life».

With regards to your private life, are you in love?
Lucia Rossi: «I’m always in love… I was born in love».

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