Marco Risi “I want to be like Billy Wilder”

Marco Risi
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Accomplished director Marco Risi directs Valentina Lodovini and Lucia Rossi, two actresses from the Altotiberina, in the film “Tre Tocchi” – released last November. They come together to tell the story of a group of, more or less young actors and their daily struggles for a breakthrough, who pass the time playing football. The film was presented at the Rome Film Festival.

The film was well received wasn’t it?
Marco Risi: «Yes it was, even though it’s an independent film which makes it more difficult to get in the cinemas compared with the mega-American productions or Italian comedies. The important thing is to make sure it’s carefully distributed and targeted».

The lovely Valentina Lodovini and Lucia Rossi from the Tiber Valley are amongst the cast …
Marco Risi: «I already admired Valentina because she worked with me in ‘Fortapasc’; I’d asked her to do a significant cameo role and she played two characters in a totally convincing way. On the other hand I’d never met Lucia Rossi – she was a great find».

So how did you meet her?
Marco Risi: «At the audition, just four days before shooting started. I was struck by the special light in her eyes, one that reflects the soul – on screen look is everything, it’s what makes a small part an important one. I needed a presence like hers! I think she’ll go far. ”

So you predict a good future for her?
Marco Risi: «I hope and wish so, not only because she has a particular beauty, but with those eyes she can unlock inner secrets».

One of your characteristics, which isn’t a common one, is to alternate between light-hearted and serious films. How do you do that?
Marco Risi: «The utmost would be to be like Billy Wilder – he was unparalled! I would say that in America it’s easier to find film-makers engaged in different genres, unlike here. I’ve always preferred not to get stuck in a rut; I love film in all its forms. I even tried doing a thriller once (‘Cha cha cha’)».

What with your father Dino, and your uncle Nelo, you were practically born into cinema?
Marco Risi: «Yes even though my father never pushed me or my brother (Claudio Risi – Director – Ed.), though I wasn’t one of those kids who was on the set every day. Of course I knew Sordi [who dubbed the voice of Oliver Hardy], and Walter Chiari, Gasmann, Tognazzi … but my interest came later; at a point when I realized that reality could be perceived in a different, imaginative way and made possible for the screen».

Marco Risi, son of director Dino, made his debut in cinema in the ‘70s as assistant to his uncle Nelo, whilst also collaborating on screenplays for his father’s films. In 1982 he directed his first film, ‘I'm going to live alone’, starring Jerry Cala. In the late '80s Marco abandoned teen comedy in order to address difficult social issues with ‘Soldiers - 365 all’alba, and ‘Mery per sempre, ‘Ragazzi Fuori, ‘Il Muro and ‘Il Branco. In 2007 he directed the biographical film ‘Maradona - The hand of God’ and in 2009 ‘Fortapàsc’. ‘Tre Tocchi came out in November 2014.

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