Maria Latella – “For women, a partner who accepts your success is vital”

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Maria Latella as author of the biography‘Tendenza Veronica’, she uncovered the strong personality of the former Mrs. Berlusconi, helping to portray her as an invincible icon capable of defeating the “Dragon”.

by Massimo Zangarelli

She also headed the women’s magazine ‘A’, bypassing the male vision of the news by refusing to publish any gossip on, the then,  infamous Belen. Maria Latella was the exce-ptional  presenter of the summer meeting  “La ricchezza intangibile dell’olio”, organised by olive oil producers Olei- ficio Ranieri and held with great success at the Vitelli a Sant’Egidio Palazzo and park .

Ms. Latella, your latest book is dedicated to the”Power of Women”…
«The world has changed; just think of the global role of certain women such as Angela Merkel and Christine Lagarde. The book talks about these changes, but it’s also about  expressing the hope of continuing on this path. It’s dedicated to my daughter Alice and all the girls born since the 80s, with practical advice that my generation didn’t have on how to succeed from those who did; such as Laura Boldrini, Barbara Berlusconi, Marianna Madia, Lorenzin and Paola Cortellesi.»

It would certainly be a better world if it were managed by women, would it not?
«I’ve never seen women declaring war, yet they are the first victims of the conflict and genocide that continues to be perpetrated;  with regards to competing on equal terms with men the only limitation is women’s mutual envy, without which they would always win…».

Women’s emancipation is increasingly disorienting men…
«Today we must find a new balance with men… we should start with a new way of educating children, both boys and girls, with a vision of family security but obviously one where the roles don’t suppress women nor emasculate men. A positive relationship with the mother is essential for children and then finding the right partner who’s able to accept her work!»

Sky, with which you’ve made your name, has profoundly changed television journalism …
«Sky has certainly innovated Italian television, the role of  TV itself and the way of doing journalism in a concise, fresh way; but also other programmes such as drama, (starting with Gomorra), have contributed to a sea change.»

The interview as you conceptualise it, seems to be a journalistic genre in its own right.
«Because it’s not an end in itself –  it always takes an inexhaustible curiosity and the ability to tease out the news.»

Of all the people you’ve interviewed, who struck or surprised you most?
«Cécilia Sarkozy. She’s often painted as cold and distant but is actually a very intelligent, passionate and deep thinking woman, able to channel and maximize her husband’s ambition… and then Fernanda Contri, a Constitutional Court judge, is another exemplary woman».

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