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Motel Connection – I’ve got the power


In 2000 one of the most influential electric-rock bands in Italy was formed. Samuel, Pierfunk (respectively singer and ex-bassist of the group Subsonic), and DJ Pisti form Motel Connection – enough said! We caught up with them on their set at ‘Urban’, in Perugia.

How was Motel Connection born?

It was born at a time when electronic music was taking over from rock music, rebuilding it in a different way. You could say it was a sort of musical revolution, taking old music and making something new. It was when Chemical Brothers and Daft Punk were becoming popular, for example.

And you guys?

We went through that period as either musicians or DJ knows that we had what was needed for this change. Instead of mixing songs as a DJ normally would, we played over the base that DJ Pisti put together.

What’s different about your album which came out in 2013?

With ‘Vivace’ we left more room for guitars and more aggressive rock sounds. On stage at ‘Primo Maggio’ among others, we were comfortable with this sound. For us, it’s important to perform live even though our music originates from the club scene.


So after live shows, three albums, two soundtracks and the support group for Depeche Mode what’s next?

Soon, we’ll be going back to Chianti in Tuscany where we wrote all three of our albums – with the hope of starting a new project. We’d like to do another live performance as Motel Connection but a bit different…. quicker and more techno.

Recommend someone to keep an eye on in 2014.

An amazing English band called Mount Kimbie.

A question for Samuel: you know Marco Capaccioni and Alberto Brizzi of the Sound Studio Service, based in Città di Castello. How long has it been since you’ve been in our area?

One of our first singles was mixed at Città di Castello! I haven’t been for a while, I hope to soon though. Maybe to see the Burri exhibition.


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