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There are so very many things which I would like to speak about here, to introduce this number, that I don’t know from where and who to start. Let’s begin with what’s new! One day I went into a building -with a beautiful entrance among other things – of the city center in Città di Castello to meet a group of architects: they wanted to speak with me about one of their ideas.

A pleasant conversation among women about transversal arguments, in the sense that from architecture we ended up on more slippery topics, but equally structured and no less important!
From that morning – after many sharings of previews, emails, pdfs, correction 1, correction 2, maps – a piece came out that we are publishing on these pages with the title “Closed Churches”: it is a photographic investigation (and very stylish!) about three churches of the city, which are, indeed, closed. So we start looking together with the Free Architects Association of the Tiber Valley to the corners of this territory, more or less hidden, with
the only intent to give merit to their beauty. Apart from the architects, I also met many people, more or less ideally, in a kind of collective ‘welcome return’. In this number we continue to speak of the young people who live abroad and we tell of their experiences: Australia, New York, Belgium, Denmark, England, France.

Our young people are everywhere and they do their interesting and gratifying jobs. In the third installment of ‘Around the World’, from abroad, they continue to tell us that they went looking for an opportunity: from a working point of view no one misses a country like Italy which, in this moment offers very few opportunities to its talented ones to make a way for themselves. What they are missing instead: their grandmother’s cappelletti, cappuccinos at the bar, chatting with friends, the Gazzetta dello Sport laying around.

But most of all from Italy they miss the warmth of the people, this mood that is only Italian and which is very rare in other countries. Speaking of ‘Italian-ness’: on the cover the face of Levante in a beautiful portrait by Matteo Casilli; inside an interview with Amanda Sandrelli and even, a small report from Pitti… In the attempt to give homage, in any case, the uniqueness of this country (which has) become difficult, but which contains every kind of beauty.

Perhaps to rediscover.

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