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Under the sign of Alberto Burri. It is because in his artist universe the prints represent a lesser known section, maybe less valued, but not for this are they less fascinating. It is because the entire collection (200 works) will be displayed in its entirety giving life to the third museum dedicated to Burri. It will also be because in this way Città di Castello will become the city with the largest artist’s museum in all the world: those who will come here from March 12th and onward will be able to see about 500 works enclosed in three museums. It is for all these reasons that Burri’s prints have inspired our cover, the second that The Mag has dedicated to this great artist. It is not by chance. Nor is it the fruit of agreements or flag waving cues. Far from it. It is rather, the desire to push that which is the most precious thing that this city holds.

Of the rest, let ourselves be inspired by the colours so intense or by the minimalism of certain other print works was not difficult. It must be said as well, that Burri did not consider his prints a lesser form of expression, but a terrain on which to experiment and investigate new artistic boundaries with a look that is even now, contemporary, involving the major printers of the time (in the timespan between 1950 and 1994). There is not just Burri in this number, but many, many stories.

Among the pages, we have included a beautiful parenthesis in pink dedicated to some women who do particular things, so, to remember that there is a female population who move in environments more or less intimate or public and gives proof of knowing how to reconcile creativity, imagination, business and art. It is the case of Valentina Piccini from the blog Mamme a Spillo, of Ilaria Margutti and her fascinating artistic weaving, of Raffaella Covino and of a low-cost film started and realized in Umbria or of Giuliana De Sio who speaks of theatre… then again music, art and, to not miss anything, not a single thing, we even speak of coin collectors because we have new signatures
in our columns. And what signatures!

I wrote all this in one breath… but you read us leisurely while we thank with a loud voice those who, over time continue to write for The Mag and give so much good oxygen to our pages.

Thanks a lot!

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