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I could write a long thought here about the series of horrors that we have had to watch, read and think about in these times in which not even summer carefree moments can find a place. But I won’t.

It doesn’t mean that I haven’t thought about it. We, in our own little way, with all the difficulties of the case and the months that quickly turnover, have page after page created and edition that is full of faces, of people who do interesting things, like tracing little parts of a world bearing beautiful opportunities to live. On the cover one of the more talented faces in Italian cinema: Alba Rohrwacher (2 Davids di Donatello, 1 Nastro d’argento and one Coppa Volpi) who in Spoleto received the Monini prize and whom we picked as a symbolic picture of this Umbrian summer made of Festivals. Yes, how beautiful are these summer festivals that speak of music, cinema, philosophy, art and how many great names have passed through the alleys of this land.

We have gathered them with a collection of images: from Spoleto to Umbria Jazz with the big ones who filled the arena up to a controversial end; Montone with the film writers and the presence of director Tom Hooper; a jump into Tuscany where, during the Kilowatt Festival in Sansepolcro, we interviewed the impertinent mathematician, Odifreddi and Zampaglione, the leader of Tiromancino; lastly, some previews of the Festival of the Nations. In the talent column, two women’s stories: the sports psychologist Cecilia Morini, who is about to leave for the Olympics and explains to us how she gets into the mind of champions; while Eleonora Urbani makes us dream with the emotions workshop. So, while warped echoes keep on coming from the world, we are trying to raise the sound rises from this land and calls out to beauty, talent, art, as if – more than a perpetual impulse of salvation – an imperative never wavering in their defense.

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