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In difficult periods like this, in which the international climate eats away at the already little peaceful living, stoking hysteria upon hysteria, words upon words, dogmas upon dogmas and makes our feelings of fear slither along not even in a hidden way, there’s one thing that remains solid: the value of the time that we spend with those we love, doing the simplest things in the world.

Speaking, eating, drinking a glass of wine, going to the theatre, listening to a live concert…meeting and living. No ifs or buts. This number of the MAG, which closes 2015 and winks its eyes at 2016, celebrates all of the series of meetings that we found ourselves doing along the way.

The same road where our cover celebrity triumphed, Gabriele Rubini a.k.a. Chef Rubio, undisputed star performer of the transmission “Unti e Bisunti” (already on its third series and shown on channel Dmax). We asked Gabriele to have an interview with us in the same period in which the world health organization launched an alarm about the excessive consumption of meat and cold cuts and so on, precisely him, who made street food his battle horse. I have to admit, Chef Rubio is a very kind, friendly and above all simple person, which never hurts.

We continue to speak about food and conviviality with Emilia Nardi, entrepreneur and leader of an important wine business. Women and more women in the report “Tacchi e Tacchetti” which tells the story of a group of girls who play indoor football. We meet art again with Burri at Guggenheim seen through the eyes of a simple visitor who was in New York in the days of its inauguration.

Open interviews with Bobo Rondelli, Dario Vergassola and even the journalist Magdi Allam with whom we talked about the difficult international context after the attacks. Our thoughts about Paris through the testimony of a young Italian who lived the days of the attacks and with a small homage (but big in intentions) to Bataclan and the music that no one can stop. Enjoy the reading, happy new year and to say it like Star Wars, may the force be with all of us!

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