Original artists and Songwriters needed

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Original artists and Songwriters needed

by Patrick Q

Piano bar, cover and tribute bands are all very well but what about originality? Doing carbon copies of other people’s songs provides valid light entertainment in the right context but what about self expression? The creation of music relevant and personalised to the community in which it was inspired is a natural and important part to any thriving society.

Thankfully, from my experience of local artists the spirit of invention is still alive and well but what is lacking is a forum or venue where anything other than the most predictable of material can be performed.

It is with this in mind that I am proposing to start a special type of “Music club” on the last Wednesday of every month starting this autumn at Free Revolution in San Secondo. The idea is quite simple: anybody who has any original material that they’d like to perform, contacts me (patrickq77@yahoo.com). Anything from original songs, instrumentals, poems, dance or mime to personalised interpretations of famous songs will be considered.

The one criteria is that there should be something original or personalized about the performance. If performers need support from other musicians or help with arrangements then I can help organise this. Every evening will also feature a professional resident group which will perform a small set of there own material whilst at the same time being available to support any of the “guest artists” who need extra musicians to realize their act.

The aim is to produce a varied but quality concert giving both new and established local artists a forum to showcase their original ideas.

So don’t “hide your light under a bush” – contact me and let’s start making music!


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