Our Home – A warm nest, like wood

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Gaia and Giovanni have been living in their home for a while. They prepared their “nest” while they were awaiting the birth of their baby girl. And in fact, their home is welcoming, sunny and easygoing.

text by Lucia Fiorucci
forniture Meozzi Mobili

Helped by her mom’s good taste, they realized this project which reflects their needs and and their ideas of home perfectly.

The softness of the rooms is mostly by the loft ceiling in wood and tile.

It is a classic, and it exactly for this reason that it goes perfectly with the flooring in oak and modern furnishings.

They chose furniture made by LAGO.

They are attractive furnishings, of clear and clean lines, but eretheral because they are suspended furnishings.

They give the idea of warmth and wellness because they are finished in tenuous colors, glass and mostly natural wood.

The living space is open and very bright. As is the kitchen, besides being functional, it is the main attraction. It is beautiful, suspended, geometric, perfect in how it is arranged.

Decidedly elegant with cabinets in durmast, and the counters in glass as are the cabinets of the columns and of the suspended dishwasher, very useful.

And the Loto table, by LAGO, matches the oak of the cabinets.

Particular in its form, besides being very convenient because it can be extended on four sides, with an opening which calls to mind the Loto flower.

The sofa, made by Saba, very soft, is in velvet in woodsy green.

The rest of the furnishings detach from the light colors, but the refined character of all the apartment remains.

In the bedroom as well, all is made by LAGO, rigorously suspended and in delicate shades of powder.

The lamps above the bedside tables are warm, thanks to the lamp shades in lilac cord.


Although the furnishings are decidedly contemporary, with soft lines and captivating solutions, they maintain a warm, homey feeling, thanks to the use of wood.

The wood, then, is used wisely even for the flooring and for the beams of the ceiling, which make the room traditional and welcoming.

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