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The house is spacious and full of light. Serena, Emilio and little Sebastiano needed it to be on one level, with a garden.

Text by Lucia Fiorucci 
Furniture Meozzi 
bathrooms and tile Del Pia srl

They have furnished it together, following their taste, gathering and selecting the many ideas they had for this beautiful space.

They both like warm and welcoming spaces.

The daytime area, designed around the couch Savoye di Desiree, is well organize thanks to a bookshelf that runs along the entire wall where the fireplace is, with some practical low containers.

In the Modulnova kitchen the lines are clean and minimal, making this space very functional. This room is warmed up by the yellow color of the chairs and some accessories.

The fun touch is the ceramic tiles work with a 70’s style pattern that ties everything together perfectly. In the living room, this style a little more vintage is given by the table EM Table di Vitra, designed in 1950 by Jean Prouvè, with a counter in natural wood and metal legs painted dark red.

Around the table some original Vitra chairs play, with tones of green and of white of various models, adorable!

Contrary to the gres of the living area, in the bedrooms we find a warm Durmast oak wooden floor.

And if Sebastiano’s bedroom is full of color, Emilio and Serena’s room has delicate tones of white and grey, with some vintage touches of material feel given by the wooden night stands.

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Emilio grew up in his father’s shop where they would restore old cars and Vespas.

He has developed a precious passion for restoration. In fact, here and there in the rooms there are many objects and accessories made with recycled materials, such has the majority of the lamps in the living area and the curtain rod in Sebastiano’s bedroom.

He also re-vamped the old stereo system of Serena’s grandmother and the chair that functions as a side table in their bedroom.

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