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The novelty of this house can be seen from the outside. Set in the middle of a wooded hillside, the stairs leading up to the entrance are rooved with long wooden strips, useful both in summer and winter to absorb the strongest rays of the sun or protect from the most inclement weather.  On the top floor we find ourselves in a residential complex over three levels, in classic 80’s style.

The apartment, built by demolishing an old attic and raising the perimeter walls, is reached through this cover, that leads us up to the front door. More wood is to be found once inside, with the warm oak flooring. The effect is that of a luminous but used floor, swept countless times. Wood, is also found on the right side with its oil treated furniture, and, if you look up, even the ventilated roof is made of wood. The choice of wood was made for aesthetic, ecological (in that it makes for natural insulation and floor heating), and functional reasons relating to the structure of the dwelling, as it doesn’t add too much weight to the floors below.

The spacious living area of ​​the house opens from the Modulnova kitchen with its glass work tops, (very elegant even in colour), passes by a beautiful corian dining counter cut at 45 degrees (to hide the visible parts), continues into the living room with its Primafila sofa, and on to the terrace which  overlooks the surrounding landscape, and is accessed through a large french window with controlled blinds.

The oak floor continues to lead us to the second section of the apartment with the bedrooms, two bathrooms and a study. The tiled flooring of the bathrooms was produced and processed by local craftsmen, and are unglazed and therefore environmentally friendly, but no less shiny and pearly.


Two things most caught our attention. The extra height of the house has been taken advantage of to build a series of communicating cupboards that run through the house from one side to the other and which are used to store all the inevitable accumulated boxes, out of season clothes etc. The other ‘curious’ element is the stereo system which is controlled wirelessly from a PC or smartphone and has its speakers integrated into the walls.

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