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This time I’m suggesting a ‘putting on your face’ tutorial! I’ve decided to try and surprise you with a make-over that highlights the ‘sparkle’ of my personality and is an invitation to my admirers to exercise their imaginations and get ‘the look’. So here’s to you,’Sarah Mancini Make Up … Pin Up!’.

Get ready and follow me!

The first three things you need to do are:

– Apply primer to the face and around the eyes. Don’t forget the lip balm!

  – Apply foundation with a special brush, remembering to cover the whole face, neck and forehead, (even if you have a fringe), to form a good base.

  – Apply concealer with a number 12 brush  to eliminate dark circles.

Now follow the remaining steps available on-line at https://www.the-mag.org/category/rubriche/sarah-make-up/

This will be my last article for the printed version of ‘The Mag’. I’d like to take this opportunity to thank all the staff, to whom I’m grateful for giving me the opportunity to express my art through this virtual fashion corner. It was really constructive and lovely working with them!

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