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The Plastic Food Project will also be in Milan for Expo 2015. The project by Pierluigi Monsignori or as he is also known ‘Potsy’ will be part of the Green Flag Committee, to highlight Italian culture and food awareness.

“The Plastic Food Project” – explain the organizers – is a way of promoting the questionnaire on environment and food sustainability along with people of influence and in collaboration with the IULM University foremost in Italy on communication. With this Green Flag questionnaire, we want to find out how aware Italians are of food issues, the environment and what we do on a daily basis to affect it. Green Flag is the first survey on sustainability and food consumption.”

The survey results will be exhibited during meetings and round tables in the Italy Pavilion at Expo Milan, where the Plastic Food Project will also be present. Participation in Expo is an important milestone for the Potsy project that for last ten years has brought worldwide attention to Umbria.


Potsy with a part of the project


“With its installations,” – continue the organizers – “the Plastic Food Project wants to raise awareness of reducing waste production and throw-away, disposable items that pervades society, even on an emotional level. Art is one of the preferred media for provoking an emotional reaction. All the research confirms that an eco-friendly attitude has now been adopted by our society. Purchasing choices and behaviours include the application of significant ethical, social and environmental criteria – confirming a new way of meeting our needs. It has become strategic for businesses today, to know the value of its brand as a function of consumers’ expectations of environmental sustainability. The Green Flag project is the ‘green’ indicator of the brand; it compares and measures the perception of whether, in practice, consumers recognize the genuineness of a green brand.”

What is this?

For 10 years the Plastic Food Project has been working in the field of waste reduction, through ‘Land Art’ exhibitions; ‘eco-bales’ of plastic and rubbish, scattered across the territory, are a tangible vision of the waste we produce. Pierluigi Monsignori, the artist behind the Plastic Food concept, visits schools, bringing along an element of one of his installations, and through lessons and direct comparisons with the pupils and teachers, tries to get across a social and ecological message. Lessons have been held in many Italian schools. Installations have been exhibited in numerous museums and sites of global importance; Pecci in Prato; a permanent element in the MAC in Bahia and the Parc de Forest in Brussels to name just a few. Pierluigi Monsignori with his Plastic Food Project has been invited to ecological, environmental and environmental protection events in Italy and abroad; such as the first festival dedicated to the reduction of waste in Marocco or the Legambiente initiative and any place or event he’s called to – always free of charge. And for many years he has held lectures in schools of every type and at every grade, with the sole mission of planting a seed of environmental awareness in the consciences of the next generation – free of charge.

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