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«We have to resist. We have to insist and stay up there again if it is possible. Touching the clouds. Or living high up like two acrobats», sings Daniele Silvestri in his latest album, a project that was particularly successful and strangely enough considering the average tastes of Italian music, it hit the charts. To him, a guest in Umbria, we have dedicated our cover, a small show of our intentions between April and May, like designing a post-spring calendar, the one of longer days, the one of renewed warmth and of seasonal balance too. And, as always, balancing is a practice that very much intrigues us and in fact, here we are quite used to putting together things, talents, people, experiences and languages. Starting with art: we tell about Andrea Lensi, the first of a series of artists who we would like to discover in their laboratories. Andrea opened his home to us, he cooked us a plate of spaghetti and he told about himself in an confidential, ironic conversation realized by our new entry, Claudia Belli. Andrea also re-touched our cover, in his way, and for this we are particularly grateful. Speaking of new entries: Margherita Gardella, a fashion director with much experience, has worked with us in the fashion special that you will browse through in a short time(eyes wide open e spring romance). Then again, women in the entrepreneurial world with Ottavia Pittini and her boars, a great interview with a legend in Italian theatre, Monica Guerritore and the story of a very particular sport, table tennis, which however, in Città di Castello has had a long tradition of 40 years and a beautiful collection of medals as well! Hyperspacial art with the new museum at Pierelli in San Giustino and a visit to the Burri museums by the ambassador of the United Arab Emirates…in a continuous tension between acrobatics, balance and landings, always soft, we hope.

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