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How I see myself and how I truly am. I’d like to tell you about a new innovation in  the makeup world – ‘ psychological makeup‘.
It’s a method  I’ve devised in order to make your makeup more refined, more unique, and the process is  divided into 3 steps:

  1. DISCUSSION WITH THE CUSTOMER.  First we look at the differences between your ‘perceived self’ and the ‘real self’. We are often blind to our own beauty as a result of comparing ourselves with the standards imposed on us by the media.

  2. COLOUR ANALYSIS. This is an innovative technique for  identifying your ‘friendly colours’; ie. the particular shades and combinations of colours that have the power to enhance your particular features, thus giving your image a freshness and exclusivity.

  3. MAKE-UP. This is the actual application of the makeup, respectfully done and in a holistic manner. Shapes, colours and shading, are all taken into consideration, along  with your style and personality.


Vanessa was the first to try ‘Psychological Makeup’. Our initial interview revealed that she firmly believed she had small eyes and lips and a slightly broad nose – issues that, from an objective point of view, were unnoticeable.

The colour analysis showed what shades were most appropriate for her appearance, and this gave her an immediate sense of  improvement and consequently, of feeling more secure.

The make-up was done to meet the needs of the ‘perceived self’ and the results were amazing. A special delicacy and  harmony of features plus a unique charm  to her look – enhanced with a hint of sensuality –   all were brought to light!

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