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When you find yourself in front Rocco Siffredi, a type of ‘performance anxiety’ is inevitable. It’s nothing to do with his chosen career or his age.

It is however probably something to do with the limelight that has surrounded him over the last thirty years, or even more because, Rocco Antonio Tano (his original name), has turned porn into an art form and his body the prime weapon in a war of the senses.

Interview by Sandra Biscarini

However, Rocco Siffredi is not just ‘ Mr. 23 cm ‘, but a man who is very skilled in juggling his profession, (now a director and producer), with being a loving husband and father.

He has been married for a number of years to Rozsa (Miss Hungary 1990) – ‘Santa Rosa’ as he calls his beautiful wife – and for whom he also decided, (temporarily), to stop filming porn.

Rocco Siffredi answers the questions of Sandra Biscarini for the Mag

Rocco Siffredi interviewed in the dressing rooms by Sandra Biscarini for the Mag

When he makes his entrance at ‘Mojito’ in Città di Castello, to give advice to couples in the wake of his Sky series ‘Ci pensa Rocco’, he’s very elegant with pianist’s hands and kind eyes.

Despite being tired he happily signs autographs and isn’t surprised to be in front of an audience that perhaps you would have expected to be a little older, taking in consideration the length of his career.

He almost whispers, alternating concentration and smiles and is careful not to take his eyes off whoever is in front of him. Whenever interviewed he has always maintained that he could never have done anything but porn.

Is the legend of Rocco Siffredi exaggerated or is there actually something behind it?

«It’s real, I was 13 years old when I first got my hands on a porn magazine.

From that moment I knew that was what I wanted to do.

I knew my skills and I wanted to make the best of them. I wanted to have sex with as many women as possible, to experiment and build my life around my desires. And that’s what I did».

For a few weeks now you’ve been giving advice to couples in crisis, inviting them to rediscover sex to rekindle their relationship. Is it really that important in a relationship?

«It’s inevitable for couples who have been together for some time, to fall into a routine. You lose the pleasure of getting excited, of discovering and being attracted to one another. It’s at that moment that sex is used to appease, but without any imagination.

I teach couples to play with desire, to rediscover each other under the sheets, or elsewhere, and then to continue it in life. I tell men they have a duty to satisfy the woman, to understand them, to let them experiment without ever exceeding the limits. Having sex is a journey.

When you are a couple you do it for love, you cannot be happy unless you read the pleasure in the other person’s eyes. With porn it’s different. Love and sex are two distinct things. That’s the secret».

Is there anything nowadays that worries, or worse, offends you?

«It upsets me to see a country that is in distress, torn between despair and apathy.

People are no longer able to have fun because when the future looks so exhausting, it’s hard to let go.

This existential precariousness scares me, especially as I have two children.

Sex, in any of its forms, has never offended me, despite the fact that in Italy hypocrisy is responsible for many contradictions».

Rocco Siffredi is a bit like Moana – “the best” – when talking about porn films, a world that is ‘ ruthless and complex’, and having just reached his fiftieth year (celebrated with both friends and fans at a well-known bar in Florence), Rocco Siffredi has that charm that age gives to a select few.

Talking about your children – having Rocco Siffredi as a father can’t be easy. How did you explain your profession to them?

«I just told them what I do, leaving it up to them to decide if they wanted more information or not. I consider myself a good father.

I have a happy family, a beautiful wife who I love and who loves me and with whom I share everything.

I teach my children that you don’t do things for money; you have to follow your desires, and especially have fun. Basically, I would never want my children to lose the ability to be amazed at how many beautiful things there are in life».

Rocco Siffredi interviewed by Sandra Biscarini

Rocco Siffredi during the interview before the show

In daily life, what moves you emotionally?

«Genuine people. Discovering sincerity and generosity in the people around me, a child’s sincerity and the ability to get involved.

Porn gave me enormous satisfaction, but sometimes it’s ruthless.

Not only looks and skill are required but it takes intelligence, order, and determination.

However, when I’m with family or friends, I find myself surrounded by genuine feelings».

With the internet, pornography is just a click away: do you think has caused changes in the porn industry?

«It’s the way it’s approached, especially by younger actresses.

You could say that the enjoyment of work, as an act in itself, has been lost.

Everything has become more technical, I found myself working for example with young actresses who gave oral sex ‘by the book’, the way they had seen it in other films.

Basically, gestures repeated mechanically, completely anonymous, without putting any of their own into it».

Recent reports revealed disturbing incidents of prostitution. What is the difference between pornography and prostitution?

«In the world of porn two people are paid to do something (a film), with a third party being the consumer.

The actors are given a role, it’s not real.

It’s a profession and a choice. With prostitution however, one person is paid by someone they don’t know for a sexual act.

This is where we can question how a person perceives life, his social status, his ethical standpoint and the right to choose.

As you can see, there is an abyss».

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