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The idea was to have a house on two levels, but able to be used as if it were only one. At a stone’s throw from the city walls, in the beginning the liveable spaces were developed on one floor, where a living area was created, while the attic which was a loft, changed its look, becoming a bedroom.

All of it was patterned after an idea of continuity in shapes, materials and colors, where white respects them all, diminishing the various shades which are strengthened in virtue of the many plastic forms, vibrant in their light and dark tones, both in natural light as well as in artificial lighting.
When the door opens, the LC4 Cassina chaise lounge welcomes those entering, almost inviting the guest to make himself at home on the dark brown leather sofa, the only dark tone which matches the little horse of the armchair and with the tones of the brushed wooden floors.
The sliding doors, divided by an Ofman red, broaden the space towards the dining room, where the table by Rimadesio is the center of attention, lit by a Pirce di Artemide suspension lamp.
Another pair of sliding doors define the more intimate space of the MH6 Modulnova kitchen, which develops in two sides, the first one very technical and practical columns, the second more functional, with a counter top in gres, completed by a sink illuminated by the window.
The vertical design of the hood exalts the island of the stove in the center, which embraces a small breakfast table.
The snow-white color of the kitchen is another shade of the leading white tone.
Even the stairs are custom made, to adapt to the plastic forms of the loft. Going up, lit by the sky, you enter the night area where the tones of white are exalted especially in the master bathroom, where the raised waves on the walls become the sea and the island on which to land is a jacuzzi face-to-face. Next to this, the bedroom, where the leather bed in centered under the skylight, by night the stars light up the dreams of the owners of the house.

Interior Designer: Veris Valentiniverisveris@tin.it
Arredi: Meozzi Mobili – Pistrino – PG
Opere d’Arte: Ofman Città di Castello – me@ofman.it

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