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Tifernauti is not an Association. At least not in the word’s common meaning: it is more an entity, a crossing point of ideas, a rhythm. It is a supersonic missile. People in the Tifernauti don’t have a location. They seem to come from outer space. They have addresses but they are in constant motion, creating events and organizing people. Maybe they met somewhere in the Solar System and then invaded Città di Castello to shake the city up and make it breath with life.

by Marco Polchi


Everything began at the end of 2009, thanks to serendipity and a colored pencil. “I was at the “Osteria Restaurant”, just back from London”, Christian tells us (he is Tifernauta number 1, Tifernauta Number 2 is Alberto). “Alberto’s son was asking me for a colored pencil so he could draw”, he continues. “I thought to myself: why don’t we put some pencils next to the forks and knives on the table? In a few days we organized a sort of a “Drawing Event”.

It was a great success, everybody was playing with pencils and paper…they were hungry for expressing themselves”. Marco (Tifernauta number 3) was inspired. He and Alberto share a passion for music. The three start meeting, brainstorming and a spark arises, a particle’s collision. In the summer of 2010 “DJ-Shopping” came to life. It is an event with music and visual art happening in different corners of Castello’s historic center.

Thousands of people come together in the heart of the city to have fun. “Our starting point was minimal”, Christian tells us. “We didn’t have much money, but we had a lot of determination to do something meaningful for our city. The energy was amazing”. And the same energy is still present, it never ends, in fact it grows and grows as evidenced in DJ-Shopping’s fourth edition in July, during three crowded nights.

The Mag was there and witnessed the intentions of these founders: they give space to talented people so that they can express themselves, like Max Casacci and Too for Drums and less known young local artists. “We are so grateful for the participation of all the young artists”, the Tifernauti says. “Even the people who couldn’t perform, and the graphic artists Andrea Lensi e Mario Leandri”.

The Tifernauti never stop moving, they are searching for new sensations and inputs. So, what is next? Are you leaving to reach some other places in the Universe? “I don’t think it will ever be possible for us to leave, and if we do, I like to think we will have left something significant behind, some seeds in a fertile earth…” Christian answers.

It appears the Tifernauti invasion is just beginning.

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