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After a few series in the countryside, here we return to the city. Opening the doors of their apartment, just a little way from the historical center of Città di Castello, are Lucia and Davide, a young couple with a baby of just one year. We are immediately surprised at the wide and light space of the living area, a characteristic which immediately won over the owners of the house.

by Lucia Fiorucci / furnish by Meozzi Mobili

The apartment, very new, was finished with the help of Architect Andrea Polidori, who in regards to the project, knew how to create comfortable environments which were studied expressly for Davide and Lucia, making them feel at ease in the new house. The living area is a unique space, but the areas for the kitchen, dining and living rooms are well divided by the false ceilings, where lights distractions and chromo therapy are hidden.

The furnishings are in harmony with the modern lines of the apartment. In the dining area, illuminated by a Le Soleil by Foscarini lamp, we find the Big Table by Bonaldo sculpture table with an extendible top and multicolor base. In the living room superior relaxation is assured by the Flexform sofa, though the undisputable queen of this room is the Fjord di Moroso armchair, a unique piece, in ochre yellow leather and with geometrical texturing. It is all completed by a TV wall equipped with all the wiring for home video systems, completed by a boiserie-wooden paneled wall. The kitchen area is very practical and functional in particular, thanks to the work counter which becomes a kitchen peninsula: the finishing between the base and the shelves was carried out using innovative ceramic sheets, which can fool you to think they are resin. It is all tied together by the white stressed oak floors which softens the rooms and goes to the bedroom area.

The bedroom is a true nest with a private bathroom and a spacious wardrobe, which even hides a TV screen. Here, the bed with soft padding on the headboard has a light structure, which makes it seem suspended.


If the rooms are light and comfortable, mainly from the whites and greys of the structure and some of the furnishings, the colors of the details create a fun, curious and never ordinary distraction. Certainly, the most decisive touch is in the Modulnova kitchen with the pepper yellow base and the mandarin orange shelves. Instead, the red, orange, lilac and the sage green of the legs on the dining table are delicate. In the living room, the ochre yellow of the coffee table and the particulars of the TV wall alternate with the turquoise of the fabric of the armchair and the shades of blue of the carpet.

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