Spring is coming, let’s adopt a fruit tree

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ciliegi-in-fioreSpring is here and in order to celebrate the organization FAI (Italian Environmental Fund) is organizing a two days event focused on opening to the public special places of interest, either artistic or environmentalist. On the 23rd and 24th of March you can pick a couple of locations to visit from the FAI LIST.

In the High Tiber Valley you may find enlightning to visit the San Lorenzo Farm near Città di Castello, which will be open to visitors during saturday and sunday afternoons. It is the location of Tree Archeology , a collection of plants created thanks to the vision and the hard work of Livio and Isabella Della Ragione.

Father and daughter dedicated the last thirty years to recuperate and save many species of fruit trees that were slowly disappearing from the regions of Umbria, Tuscany and Emilia Romagna. They literaly saved many trees from extinction, creating a place were to preserve the agricultural traditions, the food history, the popular ways of taking care of local trees. Today the farm in San Lorenzo holds about 450 trees of 100 different species, they are a biodiversity which would have been otherwise lost.

This project is becoming a Foundation and thanks to FAI you may go and visit the fruit farm, enjoy a beautiful place and mayb e even adopt one of the trees.

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