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In our August/September issue we take a look at all the upcoming concerts and events, what’s going on in the art world and have a tasty foray into the realm of chefs.

It’s an uncertain season from many points of view – many events have given way under the impact of the economic crisis… but others survive. Through our stories though, we find some small, positive signs to share with you. Our cover story features the fresh beauty of Isabelle Barciulli – a psychologist in training and model, who also does very well in the world of motor racing! As it’s the summer concert season, we have ‘live’ reports from the hottest rock gigs of the year; including the Rolling Stones, Pearl Jam, Arcade Fire and Primavera Sound.

Then we have events such as the re-opening of Palazzo Vitelli’s grounds after 30 years of closure, the national Horse Show, the “Festival delle Nazioni”, the Burri centenary programme and the “Mostra del Fumetto”. For a bit of light relief we have the gossip from an insider’s view of a VIP marriage! More interviews abound; we speak to chef Marco Bistarelli, Giampaolo Tomasetti and Giulio Giustini. Finally, a warm welcome to Sara Scarabottini who talks about books, while the wonderful Massimiliano Giornelli,(aka Rotazoshi), allows his daydreams to take creative flight. Happy daydreams to you all – preferably in the sun!

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