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It’s summer, babe. And with summer, beauty goes on the front cover.

Oh gosh, it’s not like the other covers of The Mag didn’t focus on beauty (don’t be mad at us Monica Bellucci and Valentina Lodovini, just to mention a couple who have ended up on the cover), it’s just that this time, we chose the perfect combo: sea, umbrellas and beauty.

After all, we have to sell! Ah no, we are a free press.

So, don’t hold it against us, but every so often we want to be national populists ourselves.

There is nothing wrong with that, especially in this summer during which, to cool off your brain, you need, in this order, to turn off your smartphone, switch off any type of notification, unplug the TV (because the World Cup is over, the Mentana marathons as well and the only thing on are reruns), turn down the radio and hush the voice of the neighboring umbrella who talks of bulldozers and doors to close.

All of this, obviously, in order to enjoy The Mag.

Easy, isn’t it? No, you are right. But try it out every so often, because this recipe works better than a quick slimming diet, better than any air conditioner or miraculous product that they want to sell to you at a discount.

Yes, even better than those creams. Okay, let’s get serious.

The menu of this number is rich and a little bit cheeky. We went to Rimini to photograph and interview the beautiful Erika Albonetti, the girl who ended up on the Riccione video of that ‘eager to please’ guy, Tommaso Paradiso and his Thegiornalisti.

The girl on the cover, instead, is a burlesque performer, Jessica Frascarelli.

An artist, a little out of touch, who plays with sensuality and has become an artisan able to sell her feathers all around the world.

Good job! Then we took a quick trip to London: we could not miss the concert event for the 40 years of The Cure and we combined it together with a quick stop at London Pride.

An event, this last one, that many people from our area would do well to see live, and breath that air of peace and love that we are really missing in year 2018.

Among these you will also find a trip to some wonderful hidden gardens that we managed to have open for the Mag and then a couple of “gems” of art that you would do well to discover in person.

Photography is not lacking: ready for later is a mini-guide, an essential for the beautiful festival ‘Cortona On The Move’.

And remaining on the subject of festivals we want to announce a great hit that we pulled off: we are partners with Confluenze, a show organized by a group of architects in Oppido Lucano and which will take place in Umbria next year.

Easy, easy, like summer.

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