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by Cristina Crisci

In my mind, summer has always been that season where we think good thoughts, if only reality would stop getting in the way. The sensation I have is that the older we get, the more we have to stay balanced in this rough sea that rises and falls around us. As the tides come and go, in the midst of our work flow, we have met many people because in this sense, summer is always full of possibilities. Among the young talents we have met, for example, there’s Annalisa Calagreti, a 16-year-old girl who is climbing the heights of a very unique sport: judo. She was sweet as she spoke of herself and of all her dreams which she follows passionately: we hope that one by one, they come true for her.

The cover is dedicated to a woman who needs no introduction, Valentina Lodovini, one of the most-loved actresses by the public and a critic of Italian films in these past years. We met her in Città di Castello, where she was the guest of an initiative of Cdcinema: this visit she went to the exhibition for the Burri Centennial, she presented a book, and she even found time to have her picture taken for The Mag and for this we want to thank her (the picture on the cover was taken by Emanuele Vanni).

In the interview among the things she told us: «I love coming home and all that is part of this land». She isn’t wrong. Especially because summer in Umbria and Tuscany means a time of Festivals. So, you will see pages rich in music, but also in films and theatre: Vinicio Capossella who sings for a friend in Moon in June, Umbria Jazz which was a huge success this year, the return of Rockin’ Umbria, the Kilowatt Festival and Eugenio Finardi in Sansepolcro, the Festival of the Nations and the Umbria Film Festival in Montone. Still more, the artists who met for Burri, an American designer for La China and La Matita and much more… in the ever noble attempt to enlighten us on all the beauty we find around us. Enjoy the Mag!

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