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22 Jun 2017

A day with Elio Germano

Men, beast, city and things: a day with Elio Germano Text Michele Corgnoli – Photos by Elio Germano: Giovanni Santi – A special thanks to Andrea Merendelli and to the sta of the E etto K association Translator’s note: the quotes in bold are taken from Journey to the End of the Night by Louis-Ferdiand Céline, read by Elio Germano in the show the 13th of May at the Anghiari Theatre. First Part Short account of a lunch and of […]

01 Sep 2014

From Mexico to Tuscany – Our Home the Mag N11

text by Lucia Fiorucci Even from the entrance cloister of this portion of the Convent of Mary Magdalene, the atmosphere is enticing, and is made even more fascinating by the layers of history, culture and architectural details that Ricardo Mendez has used in creating his apartment, whilst leaving the original structure visible. The winning idea of the Mexican photographer was to create both intimate and permeable spaces, such as with the passage way. Too large to be just a thoroughfare, […]

23 Jan 2014
02 Jan 2014

Claudia Cardinale, italian sweetheart

by Massimo Zangarelli “La Ragazza di Bube, the fundamental turning point in my career ” Half a century after “La Ragazza di Bube“ shot in Anghiari, Claudia Cardinale, has returned to the film locations, chatting amiably with the audience that flooded the Theater Ricomposti, he was triumphantly received by the Upper Tiber Valley including many extras from that time who have never forgotten the star. In those years she was conquering the international silver screens and Luigi Comencini ‘s film, […]

19 Dec 2013

On the Anghiari stage, tradition and innovation.

On the Anghiari stage, tradition and innovation.  An interview with Andrea Merendelli, manager and artistic director of the tuscan Theatre by Marco Polchi A live, open stage becomes a focal point for the community, how do they respond in Anghiari and the surrounding area? The answer is very different and not always corresponding to the organizational efforts. A side event that captures the audience’s imagination, as it takes a massive effort to bring a great international artist to Anghiari and […]

01 Nov 2013
Claudia Cardinale

The Mag in the week-end / November 1-3

The Mag in the week-end / November 1-3 A song for #WE – Fiera Utopie Concrete, Città di Castello. – Andy Warhol in mostra a Città di Castello – Capolavori in Valtiberina – Fiere dei Morti, Perugia. – Mostra del Tartufo, Città di Castello. – Festa del Bosco, Montone. Friday – Dedicato a “ENNIO MORRICONE” Le più belle musiche da film. – “A CENA CON L’ OSPITE” – LOVE ART NIGHT! – EUROPEAN BLUES CHALLENGE – FINALE ITALIANA Saturday – Claudia Cardinale al Teatro di Anghiari – Tributo […]