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What is the ‘right to be forgotten’? – The Lawyer’s corner

‘The right to be forgotten’ is a peculiar form of the right to privacy. It protects people’s interests, in that, repeated publication of a news item that in the past was lawfully published, can no longer continue. This will ensure the confidentiality that normally arises from the passage of time when the diminished relevance of the news is no longer in the public interest. The Court of Justice of the European Union, in a judgment on 13th May 2014, reiterated […]


To share or not to share…? (Posting photos on-line) – the Lawyer’s corner

To share or not to share…? (Posting photos on-line) These days, taking photos with mobile phones and digital cameras and putting them on the internet is very common practice. Every day we see images on social networks of people doing all sorts of things, and in all kinds of situations, and yet, rarely have the subjects given their permission for us to do so. In some cases this could be illegal, and may violate copyright laws. In fact, the general […]