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04 Feb 2013
Anna Cuzzolin - the Mag

An indelible Gift – Photos by Anna Cuzzolin

Anna Cuzzolin. Is there anything more romantic than when a guy tattoos the name of his lover on his arm? I guess it depends who you ask. Flowers, chocolates and jewelry are romantic gifts, but we men are almost obliged to give these gifts to our girlfriends and wives. We only need money, and ten minutes to shop. On the contrary, to willingly tolerate the discomfort of getting a tattoo, and to live with the permanence of it, is a […]

10 Oct 2012
Anna Cuzzolin

Anna Cuzzolin – My Florence

Anna Cuzzolin is a young photographer from Città di Castello trying to make it in this field. She studied in Florence and now is back in her hometown to practice what she learned in the city and to make art. We at the Mag are publishing some pictures she took of “her Florence” and she agreed to talk with us about her passion and her work. The Mag: The title of your photo essay could be “A wet Florence”.  How […]