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Go West!

The Hateful Eight by Quentin Tarantino is one of the most-awaited films of the year, but all western lovers can consider themselves lucky this year, because we are living an interesting revival which involves the productions of Hollywood but not only. Since the return of Quentin to female westerns, a crossover with other genres and a re-make of a great classic: there’s something for every taste. Three years after Django Unchained, Quentin Tarantino returns with a western that has been […]


Cinema refound – THE MAG 17

Classic films back on the big screen by Luca Benni & Matteo Cesarini Thanks to recent restoration work, classic films (in celluloid as well as renovated digital format), black and white ones, documentaries, silent movies with accompanying live music, and ‘talkies’ from an entire era, have returned to the big screen. Sponsored by the Cineteca* di Bologna, they were all on view at the 29th Festival del Cinema Ritrovato, which ended on 4th July; a veritable journey through the wonders […]

Valentina Lodovini

Valentina Lodovini – «… That time when i fell in love with Daniel Day Lewis»

She has ten years of intense career behind her: she has worked for Sorrentino, Mazzacurati, Vicari, Risi, she won a David di Donatello, she’s done television, radio, lent her face for video clips, and she even went on stage at the theatre next to Marco Travaglio to speak about the mafia. Valentina Lodovini, actress, born and raised in Umbria and Tuscany, on a mid-July afternoon, returned to Città di Castello where, before the limelight shone on her, she studied acting.  […]


New Cinema (Post)Modernissimo – the Mag 15

There hasn’t been a cinema in Città di Castello for some time; things change over time and so do people’s habits. It almost seems impossible to think of a place where people can go to meet and share their visions, culture and imagine an alternative future. In Perugia, a group of ‘reckless’ youngsters has given new life to the ‘Modernissimo’ cinema after years of closure, investing not only in the film programme but also the option of a cultural complex. […]

The Oscars 2015! – the Mag 15

The 87th Academy Awards, (or Oscars as most people know them), were held in February, and people are still talking about them! by Luca Benni & Matteo Cesarini – Cinema Metropolis Umbertide The overall winner was the film by Alejandro Inarritu, ‘Birdman’, who took home Best Film, Best Director, Best Screenplay and Best Photography. Disappointingly for many people, ‘American Sniper’ by Clint Eastwood was snubbed, along with ‘The Boyhood’ by Richard Linklater, (filmed over 12 years), which only won Best […]

Marco Risi

Marco Risi “I want to be like Billy Wilder”

Accomplished director Marco Risi directs Valentina Lodovini and Lucia Rossi, two actresses from the Altotiberina, in the film “Tre Tocchi” – released last November. They come together to tell the story of a group of, more or less young actors and their daily struggles for a breakthrough, who pass the time playing football. The film was presented at the Rome Film Festival. The film was well received wasn’t it? Marco Risi: «Yes it was, even though it’s an independent film […]

Lucia Rossi - the Mag

Lucia Rossi – winter muse

It was a bitterly cold day when we met Lucia Rossi at Villa Magherini Graziani, with the idea of photographing her in one of the most beautiful places near where she was born. From Lama San Giustino where she grew up and where her family still lives, Lucia moved to Rome. She’s acted on TV, (where we’ve seen her in various productions including ‘Ris Roma’ as Bianca), doesn’t mind doing theatre and is becoming better known in the film world. […]

Game of Thrones – read or watch?

“Winter is coming”…. a ‘Westeros’ catchphrase that has entered popular culture with a bang. In this world, like ours, we never know when or how the seasons will start or end. The winter of Westeros is a bit like the winter of Richard III- a metaphor for the transition from one era to another – and has been created in the 10,000+ pages of the ‘Fire and Ice’ saga by George RR Martin, as well as in a hugely successful […]

“Quando c’era Berlinguer” a film by Walter Veltroni

With just one click you can save something in a computer’s memory.  It’s not nearly as simple to safeguard the collective memory of a country with an inalienable heritage, enabling a future worthy of its name and avoiding living passively in the present.  This was the thrust of the appeal launched in mid-September, by the honorable Walter Veltroni, and the Director of channel TG3 Bianca Berlinguer at the preview the of the ‘docufilm’ ‘Quando c’era Berlinguer’ at the Eden cinema. […]

Venice Film Festival winners and convincers

Even the 71st Venice Film Festival in Venice gets archived. This year was marked by a significant decrease in public and professional attendeance, as has been the trend in recent years, but the Lido is always the Lido, and, in any case, the cinematic air we ‘breathe’ is very good. It is a competition so we decided to focus on the main prizes. by Luca Benni & Matteo Cesarini – (Staff at Cinema Metropolis, Umbertide) The Swedish film ‘En duva satt […]

Graziano Scarabicchi – Never Stop | the Mag N8

Interview by Sandra Bischarini Talent is a blessing, but even such fortune needs to be nurtured with hard work. It wouldn’t be any different for the young man who left Monte Santa Maria after finishing his high school diploma, clearly determined to follow his life’s dream – “I wanted to be an actor”. This determination was the recurrent theme with which he built on his talent through study and dedication. The 29 year old started out as a model; favoured […]


Claudia Cardinale, italian sweetheart

by Massimo Zangarelli “La Ragazza di Bube, the fundamental turning point in my career ” Half a century after “La Ragazza di Bube“ shot in Anghiari, Claudia Cardinale, has returned to the film locations, chatting amiably with the audience that flooded the Theater Ricomposti, he was triumphantly received by the Upper Tiber Valley including many extras from that time who have never forgotten the star. In those years she was conquering the international silver screens and Luigi Comencini ‘s film, […]