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It was 1926 when Giuseppe Paci decided to take over the ex-stationary store Valori in the central Vitelli Square (today Matteotti Square) and open his «Libreria La Tifernate» (Tiferno Bookshop). However, during that period, the number of readers was so small that, to be able to survive selling only books, would have been utopia. by Cristina Crisci For this reason, the shop became a ‘bazaar’ where you could buy a little bit of everything: stationary, books, musical articles, sports articles, […]

Goran Bregovic - the Mag 18


Your first experience of Italy was when you arrived in Naples at 18….. «I thought I’d landed in paradise. I was playing in a striptease bar and it was easy to fall in love with your country because it’s full of wonderful things.» Goran Bregovic ’s recent music is a mix of Balkan folk and electronica, wild rhythms and sacred themes, hints of gipsy and sampled sounds, but he became famous for his soundtracks for Emir Kusturica’s films, including Tempo dei […]

Valentina Lodovini

Valentina Lodovini – «… That time when i fell in love with Daniel Day Lewis»

She has ten years of intense career behind her: she has worked for Sorrentino, Mazzacurati, Vicari, Risi, she won a David di Donatello, she’s done television, radio, lent her face for video clips, and she even went on stage at the theatre next to Marco Travaglio to speak about the mafia. Valentina Lodovini, actress, born and raised in Umbria and Tuscany, on a mid-July afternoon, returned to Città di Castello where, before the limelight shone on her, she studied acting.  […]

Alessandro Gavarini – A PASSION FOR CANOEING

Over the last ten years, the 20 year old Alessandro Gavarini has spent his life on the water, canoe practicing and racing. Born in Correggio, in Emilia, he discovered the sport in Città di Castello where he was brought up winning many titles. Even after an injury and his university obligations he has no intentions on giving up. by Marco Polchi / ph: Giorgia Fanelli How did you discover your love for canoeing? «I started about 10 years ago when […]


It was 1997 when in “Quelli che benpensano” [Those who think well] he sang, “The last will be last if first is unreachable,” and now, 18 years later, these words still sum up the clear thinking of FRANKIE HI-NRG MC. His critical view of Expo 2015 has made the rounds of newspapers and television. Along with J-Ax and Fedez, he has set the talk shows alight and countered the rampant enthusiasm for the event. Expo Milano 2015- ‘Feeding the planet, […]

Alberto Burri grande cretto nero

About Burri: Grande Nero Cretto – the Mag 15

In the mid-70s Burri made two monumental pieces; the  ‘Grande Cretto Nero’, which was donated in 1977 to the Franklin Murphy Sculpture Garden of the University of California, Los Angeles, and the second, the ‘Grande Cretto’ which went to the Museo di Capodimonte (Naples), in 1978. Both works were designed and produced in Città di Castello. It was here in his native town that Alberto Burri decided to have them moulded. He approached Ceramiche Baldelli where he was certain to […]

Angela Finocchiaro – A CUTTING IRONY

After last season’s success, Angela Finocchiaro is back in Umbria. She plays the lead in ‘Open Day’, (with Bruno Sori, directed by Roger Dear), on stage at Politeama Clarici Foligno and the Teatro degli Illuminati in Città di Castello. The story is about the torment of a mother and a father in their fifties who have been separated for some time and who, crushed by life, find themselves having to deal with a teenage daughter. It’s ironic, edgy and emotional. […]

Laura Massetti – My feet on the ground

I met her in the hallway getting ready for the photo shoot; she is radiant, has a sweet smile and treads softly. Her name is Laura Massetti. She was born in Città di Castello 19 years ago, but now lives in Florence where she is a dancer for the Junior Balletto di Toscana – one of the best Italian companies for classical and contemporary dancers in Europe. foto: Emanuele Vanni – servizio: Mokacomunicazione / Lucia Fiorucci She told me that it’s […]


In Citta di Castello’s historic town centre, a sixteenth century building has regained its former glory thanks to the research and commitment of Cecilia. Over the years the residence had become a maze of divisions that concealed its true nature. Not being afraid to experiment, she has managed, with the help of an architect, to infuse the ancient soul of Palazzo Tiberti with a contemporary spirit. The result is an elegant, 3 story home; on the first is the living area, […]


There is an enduring and mysterious shift between places and non-places, empty and full spaces, heaviness and lightness;  something you can only sense and which, for a brief moment, makes us feel alive. With his latest work, ‘Earth Hotel’, Paolo Benvegnù attempts to recount this dance of life, through twelve melancholic and luminous short stories. I met him at Jam Recordings studio, along with Michele Pazzaglia;  co-worker, friend, counsellor, and in many instances, dam. They met in 2002, began to […]

Alessio Boni – “Piero Ciampi is a Rachmaninov that goes straight to the heart”

Opening the ‘Teatro degli Illuminati’* Literature season with his new show ‘Amore scalzo’, (Love Barefoot),  popular actor Alessio Boni, along with Marcello Prayer, paid tribute to the poetic testimony of Piero Ciampi; a great artist who died in 1980 and who was considered by many to be the father of singer-songwriters. by Massimo Zangarelli Where did you get this idea for a  tribute to Piero Ciampi? «Along with Marcello Prayer, I’m dedicated to characters we consider to have been mistreated […]

Cristina Crisci - the Mag

LET’S FLY -The Mag n13

It’s with marked enthusiasm that we publish this issue of ‘ the Mag ’. We’ve worked hard to put together a thread of characters and stories that allow us to end the year with a flourish. I swear I’m not exaggerating! The cover is a tribute to a woman who needs no introduction – Monica Bellucci. During her short stay in Città di Castello a few weeks ago, she was willing to answer our questions about her film with Kusturica, her daughters, […]