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27 Feb 2015

Truffle Tagliatelle – chef Enzo Neri

The chef Enzo Neri proposes tagliatelle with truffles. A simple recipe of the tradition of the Upper Tiber Valley In a pot cook the fresh tagliatelle in salted boiling water. Approximately 1 minute before the pasta is ‘al dente’, remove the pasta from the pot and drain, saving some pasta water.  Melt the butter in a saucepan and shave some truffle in it. Season with salt. Add the stock to make an emulsion. Add the drained pasta along with a little vegetable stock (or pasta […]

22 Oct 2014


Chef Enea Barbanera plays with tradition! In this case,  “snails in porchetta” with fish. I chose mackerel for its oily meat and strong taste. This has resulted in a dish with strong flavours which goes well with a wine with a complex bouquet – Vintage Tunina. Ingredients: 100 g  land snails, previously boiled and shelled 100 g  salted pork Chopped fennel 1 shallot 3 fillets mackerel , boned 100 g  fresh fava beans 1 tablespoon anchovy oil Oil and salt […]

07 Mar 2014

The Chef’s Recipe – Patrizio Cesarini | the Mag N8

A traditional Umbrian dish by Chef Patrizio Cesarini Sweet and sour salt cod INGREDIENTS 500g Desalted salt cod (baccalà) 2 medium onions Corinto sultanas (soaked) 2lt Baccalà broth 500g Cauliflower 3tbsp Vinegar METHOD Make a stock with the skin of the salt cod Soften the onions in a pan, and then add the remaining ingredients and cover with the broth and vinegar. Before serving add salt and pepper to taste Voilà! Post simili EXCUSE ME, WHAT ARE YOU DOING FOR […]