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LET’S FLY -The Mag n13

It’s with marked enthusiasm that we publish this issue of ‘ the Mag ’. We’ve worked hard to put together a thread of characters and stories that allow us to end the year with a flourish. I swear I’m not exaggerating! The cover is a tribute to a woman who needs no introduction – Monica Bellucci. During her short stay in Città di Castello a few weeks ago, she was willing to answer our questions about her film with Kusturica, her daughters, […]

Cristina Crisci - the Mag


At the end of a rather strange and not so prolific summer, while tales of war were multiplying all around us, I met a woman who drives for peace. To me the history and culture of people who  call for peace, have always been interesting. I mean, how many of us have grown up listening again and again to memories of war, imprisonment, curfew and hiding places from our grandparents, maybe sitting on their knees. War – we’ve heard about […]

10 Questions to Yashwant Bajaj – The heart of rock beats in Massa Martana

At 2.30 on an uncertain Spring afternoon I have a telephone appointment with Yashwant Bajaj. I’d like to do an interview of about 10 questions, but I have to wait until he returns to Italy from Singapore. Yashwant is a businessman who deals with speculative securities in Asia. He’s of Indian origin but grew up in England, travels the world and has a villa in Massa Martana to which he often returns along with his wife and children. He has […]

Cristina Crisci - the Mag


Curiosity has been the driving force in our wanderings for this edition of The Mag. First stop is gambling, (including the pros and cons), then pausing a while in the varied terrain of art, and, now that it’s Summer, winding up in a meadow listening to live music. Our point of departure, from our cover star, is an interview with Rocco Siffredi, who really needs no introduction as practically everyone has heard of him. On his way through Città di […]

Cristina Crisci - the Mag


by Cristina Crisci Defining beauty is a difficult task; maybe an unobtainable goal and one that can result in errors of judgement. So let’s just say that in this issue we try to talk about beauty without claiming to please everyone, but to highlight the experiences of some of those around us with a small journey, so to speak. First stop on our trip; fashion. Arianna Chieli, journalist and blogger. An appointment on the internet via email and messaging, we […]

Cristina Crisci - the mag

A dream is possible | the Mag

A dream is possible | the Mag by Cristina Crisci [youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3IAOJn4l1Ls[/youtube] It’s not easy putting together a newspaper. Let’s be honest, we live in a time where communication has become ‘deconstructed’ in favour of messages in the ether. Putting news onto paper cannot be taken for granted. This project is more than a year old now: that’s 14 months with 8 editions every two months. We try to talk about something interesting; experiences, successful ideas, events and talent. Basically, about […]

Paolo Rossi – Also Comedians cry

by Cristina Crisci For 30 years, Paolo Rossi has traveled from the atmosphere of the club to the big stage, with a leap into the theatre, winking at the cabaret. His forays into television have become a cult hit as he does not even mind the circus tents. We had a curious conversation with Paolo Rossi on the phone lasting about fifteen minutes, interspersed with some good laughs, at 11, one morning on the eve of the show “ L’amore […]


The Mag, an always open stage

By Cristina Crisci Talents come and talents go. Then there are those that come again. To even things out within the circle of people who embrace The Mag’s stage, this time we’ve chosen a man for the front page! An actor, a dubber, decidedly handsome with a long professional history making him recognised by many… and one which happens to intertwine with Umbria. It is Giorgio Borghetti in his all-around interview with our new ‘name’; Lorenza Mangioni. The Mag’s effect has […]



IN LINE WITH FASHION by Cristina Crisci We put in a lot for this issue, and often enjoyed moments of sharing ideas, tastes, words, and evenings out. The route we went down was to try to recount people’s life experiences, with a subtle underlying thread from the world of fashion. We don’t necessarily mean the “what am I going to wear tomorrow morning?” type of fashion. For example, the cover story, tells of a woman who started off as a model, […]


THE MUSIC THAT TURNS AROUND by Editor in chief Cristina Crisci From being self-taught to having his compositions performed on the world’s premiere stages? That would be Salvatore Sciarrino. Compose the soundtrack for an Oscar winning film? That is what Michael Nyman did. Hang out with iconic rock stars and become the guru of Pop Art? Yes, that is Andy Warhol. Invade the Summer nights of the historic center of Città di Castello with DJs? That is the mission of […]

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The Mag, why not? – Editorial

The Mag, why not? by Cristina Crisci Why not? I answered myself after a few weeks of self-analysis. I was committing to be the director of The Mag, this Free Press issue, which means handling articles, interviewing and telling stories about people for a mixed audience of readers from different cultures but who have this wonderful place where we have chosen to live in common. I followed my instinct and my passion for a career that has been my profession […]