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27 Feb 2015

Truffle Tagliatelle – chef Enzo Neri

The chef Enzo Neri proposes tagliatelle with truffles. A simple recipe of the tradition of the Upper Tiber Valley In a pot cook the fresh tagliatelle in salted boiling water. Approximately 1 minute before the pasta is ‘al dente’, remove the pasta from the pot and drain, saving some pasta water.  Melt the butter in a saucepan and shave some truffle in it. Season with salt. Add the stock to make an emulsion. Add the drained pasta along with a little vegetable stock (or pasta […]

11 Dec 2013

Michele Bravi – Social Factor

Michele Bravi – Social Factor Beating the significant point of 1 million viewers (on November 15, halfway through the competition, there were over 1,562,953 viewers) – about 30% more than last year – with peak time share of nearly 10% on Sky One (most important result of a pay per view channel both during the 24 hour period and at peak time viewing): X Factor 2013 has been confirmed as a high quality, reality talent show by the viewing figures […]

18 Dec 2012
Enzo Neri - the Mag

Chef Enzo Neri

Chef Enzo Neri is an artist with a real success story. He has all the qualities required for getting ahead in any career: he is bright and determined; responsible and likeable; and most importantly he pursues his interests and passions. But it has not always been easy travelling the road of success. I interviewed this international, award winning chef at the Caffè San Francesco in Città di Castello while he was here visiting family on his way from New York […]