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It was 1958 when her father Silvio Nardi, entrepreneur in the mechanical agricultural sector in the Upper Tiber River Valley, produced the first bottle of “Brunello di Montalcino” from the winery of the Casale del Bosco. In 1985 Emilia Nardi began working in the company, the youngest daughter,  and she began working in management in 1990. She, together with her brothers decided to introduce radical changes in the wine production process and in the company management: she gave the go-ahead […]

Up & Down – Kimberleigh Russell Welply

by Kimberleigh Russell Welply UP! 1 – Borrow it from the boys Borrow it from the boys. A trend that I have loved forever and one that is, finally, now beginning to get some real recognition this winter. Let’s face it – our boyfriend’s clothes always look better on us then they do on him anyway. Think oversized crisp white shirts, super soft menswear sweaters, huge t.shirts, his old levi jeans and his leather jacket. If your man is wearing it – […]